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About United States Environmental Protection Agency - Michigan

Since its founding, EPA has been at the forefront of developing clean automotive technology and designing programs to reduce and prevent air pollution. Vehicle, engine, and fuel testing is an important way for EPA to verify emission standards are met and ensure the benefits from our programs become a reality. The National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) is a state-of-the-art test facility that provides a wide array of analytical testing and engineering services for EPA’s motor vehicle, heavy-duty engine, and nonroad engine programs to support the Agency’s regulatory goals.


Engineering Intern

June 2019 Ann Arbor, MI
“The employees are all friendly and understanding. I don't feel a lot of pressure and they are all very encouraging.”

T1 Chemist

May 2019 Cincinnati, OH
“Over my summer, I started a job at the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a large step for any environmental studies major. A main reason I had chosen going to the University of Cincinnati was because of the research center next door, but had only dreamed I would find myself there before graduation. I got to learn the ins and outs of the EPA, as well as assisting in high profile research. One of the best parts was getting to help solve the Flint Michigan project, and being one of the only scientists in the nation working on it. ”
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