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Environmental Program Consultant/Modeling Consultant

This environmental program consultant will provide advanced scientific expertise to assist the
Attainment Planning Branch with the following:
Applying photochemical air quality and meteorological grid models to estimate ambient air
concentrations of air pollutants and impacts on visibility.
Applying emissions modeling procedures and tools to process emissions inventory data for
input into air quality models.
Developing base year and future year emission inventories for the stationary, mobile and
biogenic source sectors, following U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance.
Developing air quality plans and control strategies necessary to attain and maintain the
national ambient air quality standards.
Developing project plans and/or managing projects including quality assurance project
plans and improving processes and systems to increase the accuracy and efficiency of
preparing and processing emissions inventory data.
Preparing documentation of the data sources, methods, results and quality assurance
procedures applied to develop emissions inventories. Developing reports to meet
legislative or upper management needs and requests.
Participating in regional planning efforts involving coordination with other state and local
agencies outside of North Carolina.
Applying working knowledge of the Clean Air Act and state and federal air quality
management planning requirements to meet branch, section, and division goals.