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Senior Engineering Aide

Senior Engineering Aides working within the Merit System are responsible for setting up and operating surveying instruments with an engineering survey party involved in preliminary, special instruction, and final surveys. They conduct all preliminary activities prior to surveys being performed. Individuals within this job class replenishes equipment and supplies for the survey team, as well as ensuring equipment has been maintained appropriately for functionality. They inspect the work of the survey team for adherence to all policies and procedures. They are required to complete daily work logs, documenting the daily work accomplished. Their work is performed under the direction of a Chief of Party and is reviewed for accuracy.


  • Conducts preliminary activities prior to setting up survey instruments so that actual survey activities can be performed. Performs post survey activities at the end of the day, after a project is complete, or in preparation for next surveying assignment.
  • Supervises staff by assigning and distributing work, directing staff in their job duties, monitoring progress of work, providing feedback and/or training.
  • Sets up and operates surveying instruments in order to gather field measurements.
  • Completes daily log/diary to document the work accomplished and the location of jobs.
  • Corrects inaccurate survey data by revisiting site in order to gather correct measurements in the absence of or as directed by the Chief of Party.
  • Checks the supplies on the work truck daily to ensure that the Engineering Aide(s) have replenished the work truck with appropriate supplies (e.g., paint, stakes, hubs, nails, caps, saws, shovels, hammers, picks, axes, crowbars, etc.).
  • Inspects property documents (e.g., record plats, construction plans, and tax records) in the absence of or as directed by the Chief of Party in order to locate property boundaries, property dimensions, and right-of-way dimensions.

  • Driver's License.
  • Experience operating surveying instruments (e.g., total station, level, GPS unit and electronic data collector).
  • Experience calculating data gathered from surveying instruments such as maps, deeds etc.
  • Experience reading maps, deeds, plans, etc.
  • Experience working in a survey crew performing duties to include clearing brush, locating landmarks, and assisting other members of a survey crew in gathering data.
  • Experience with computer software (e.g., Word, Excel, Outlook, CAD software, etc.).